This Memorial site for my sister has albums & films to share with those who always have Betsy in their hearts.
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My sister Betsy.

She was a little girl when the family moved to Brooklyn. I remember she was disappointed when she didn't get her own room in the new apartment. She told mom she would settle for the big closet and make that her room.

She was small but feisty. In junior high school she fought a much biger girl that was always bothering her. A girl called Cookie. Betsy lost, but Cookie never bothered her again. Later they became friends. 

She was pretty. I liked the way she laughed. She loved to dance.

She had a temper. She came after me with a bottle once. I hid in the bathroom and she smashed it against the bathroom door so hard she busted it. A shard cut her around the eyes.

I was her big brother even though I'm not that big. When she was a young teenager she complained to me that a boy called Popcorn got fresh with her. I fought Popcorn by the rear entrance to our building. A few years later Popcorn went to jail for manslaughter. Betsy joked I had fought a killer defending her honor.

I called her from LA when I got home from the war. She said she was going to throw me a welcome home party. I asked her not to not. I was serious.  When I got home I was greeted by an apartment full of family, friends and neighbors. She had disregarded my wish and I'm glad she did. The homecoming turned out good for my spirit, though I didn't realize it until years later. 

She was a great sister. She was always on my side. Even if I was wrong.

She encouraged me. She told mom to be patient with me when I was a problem for everyone. 

She pushed me to go back to college. It changed my life.

I enjoyed our political discussions. Betsy's politics were to the left of mine. She was fiercely for the little guy. 

After college she worked and travelled some.  She went to Europe and Cuba. 

Her field of work always involved helping people. 

She got married and had two sons, Daniel and Adam. The family moved out of NYC.

I didn't see her as often after she moved away. Maybe twice a year. But we stayed in touch on the phone.

She returned to NYC. The last six years of her life were tough times.

She's at peace now but she'll live forever in my dreams and in my heart 

A Memorial Tribute to Betsy

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Album One
Betsy was born in Manhattan in 1950. Our family lived on West 29th st. until we moved to Brooklyn in 1958.

Betsy & Boys

Betsy with Daniel & Adam. Holiday, 1980s.

Album Two
More childhood photos


Album Three
Teenager & Young lady.

Most of Betsy's photos & videos were destroyed in the house fire of 2005. But some photos survived the flames. 

Video. Betsy & Gladsy dancing.
A short clip in slow motion of young Betsy dancing with her childhood friend Gladys during a house party on West 29th street. No Sound. Video will take a few seconds to load

Betsy & I dancing, late 1950s.

  Make believe Awards ceremony during Mothers Day in the late 1970s.

Short 8mm video. My 18th birthday with Betsy & friends.
Maybe they were dancing to the Supremes. Betsy is fifteen yrs old.

Betsy's Shower

Betsy, Tony, and their sons, Daniel and Adam, lived in the Bronx before moving to Chatauqua County in western New York.

Misc Photos